Women for Conservation

octubre 2019

The Chocó: A Treasure Trove of Unique Biodiversity that Must be Saved

The Chocó and its vast rain forests in western Colombia are considered one of the most important biological hot spots on Earth. Housing an extraordinary concentration of endemic birds, plants, and amphibians (species found nowhere else in the world), this treasure trove of life is tragically threatened – creating an urgent need for us to work with local communities to save this precious jewel. 

Women for Conservation Participates in WCN’s Wildlife Conservation Expo

Representing Women for Conservation, Founder and Executive Director Sara Lara hosted a booth and met with visitors at the Fall Wildlife Conservation Expo that is held annually by Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) in San Francisco. Each year, WCN gathers conservationists from around the world to exhibit and speak about their work that protects endangered wildlife globally. The expo offers a unique opportunity for supporters to unite, connect, network, and share stories about their experiences.

Women for Conservation Joins Thriving Together, Recognizing that Family Planning is Important for Both Women and the Environment

Today, Women for Conservation joins over 150 leading environmental and reproductive health organizations to pledge support for a first-of-its-kind campaign: Thriving Together, led by the Margaret Pyke Trust. Organizations that participate in Thriving Together form a diverse global alliance united by the agreement that improving access to family planning services is critically important for protecting the environment and biodiversity.