Women for Conservation

noviembre 2021

Progress Update from Nepal

Since 2020, Women for Conservation has been partnering with Birds Nepal in a three-pronged conservation initiative promoting family planning education, environmental education, and ecotourism. This project focuses on providing resources

stop illegal deforestation

Strategic Acquisition to Protect a Unique Magdalena Rainforest Wilderness

Recent threats of deforestation are rapidly encroaching as road networks advance into the heart of the Pauxi Pauxi ProAves Reserve.  For this reason, Women for Conservation is rushing to buy up two strategic properties before the end of 2021, to block this proposed road and the illegal deforestation it is sure to bring.  

Training a New Generation of Women in Conservation

Women for Conservation seeks to provide and facilitate Conservation Education change the future of conservation by empowering women to pursue careers in conservation. This project will jumpstart a new generation

Protecting Choco’s Biodiversity

Location: Choco, Colombia

Key Species: Golden-ringed tanager, Black-and-gold tanager

Habitat: Pluvial Rain Forest

Primary Threats: Climate change and deforestation of habitat as a result of mining, cattle ranching, poaching, and timber.

Conservation Actions: Educational workshops to raise awareness about local endangered wildlife; Basic English classes to facilitate communication with foreign tourists and the identification of bird species. Educational workshops on reforestation and restoration of habitat, the importance of the Chocó region and basic geography. The development of alternative income sources by facilitating Ecotourism training and forest guard training.

Saving the Spectacular Biodiversity of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Location : Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

Key Species : Santa Marta Parakeet (EN), Santa Marta Toro (CR), San Lorenzo Harlequin frog (EN), Santa Marta Sabrewing (EN)

Habitat :Montane Cloud Forest

Primary Threats :Climate Change and deforestation

Conservation Actions:Educational workshops to raise awareness about local endangered wildlife; reforestation and restoration of habitat using tree nurseries; development of alternative income sources including production of natural candles, soaps, and jewelry; provision of information and access to family planning

Empowering Women to Save the Blue-billed Curassow

Location: Magdalena Valley – Colombia

Key Species:Blue-billed Curassow (CR), Magdalena Spider Monkey (CR), Magdalena Lowland Tapir (VU), Spectacled Bear (VU), Jaguar (NT).

Habitat:Rain forest

Primary Threats:Habitat loss

Conservation Actions:Participatory agreements to prevent hunting; introduction of fuel-efficient cook stoves; training in sustainable production of jewelry from Tagua seeds; provision of access to voluntary family planning and health clinics