Project Overview:

While our family planning efforts are usually focused on providing women and girls with access to contraception, we have recently received significant interest from men in Carmen de Atrato who wish to have access to vasectomies.

Our first ever vasectomy campaign took place in February 2022, when we provided access to vasectomies to 5 men. The campaign was such a positive experience for the men involved that dozens of more men soon joined our waiting list, and our second campaign provided vasectomies to 24 more men in early September 2022. Families are eager to make use of this permanent contraceptive option, as it’s safe, effective and allows men to share the responsibility of preventing unplanned pregnancies.

Families in this remote town lack access to adequate medical facilities, and must travel to the city of Medellin to receive reproductive healthcare. It costs about 50 US dollars and takes over 4 hours to reach Medellin by bus; low-income individuals in Carmen de Atrato cannot afford the journey or the two night stay needed to complete the procedure.

Women for Conservation provides transportation, food, accommodation, and postoperative care for men wanting to undergo vasectomies. The cost of the medical procedure itself is covered entirely by our partner ProFamilia, an internationally recognized reproductive rights and sexual health organization in Colombia.

Rapid and unsustainable human development poses a continued threat to our planet’s tropical forests. As populations rise, local communities often turn to destructive land use practices, like clearing land for intensive agriculture and illegal logging, to support the growing number of people.

Preventing unplanned pregnancies is critical to stopping encroachment into ecologically sensitive areas and reducing stress on natural resources. It’s also easier for families to transition to sustainable livelihoods, such as ecotourism and artisanal jewelry making, when there are fewer people to provide for. Smaller families are less likely to live in poverty, and family planning allows parents to provide better care for the children they already have.

Our goal is to raise $4000 to make vasectomies accessible to 60 low-income men in Carmen de Atrato.

We have already provided 43 min with vasectomy procedures as of December 2022, please consider donating so we can provide all the men on our waiting list with access to reproductive healthcare!

Thank you to our Project Partners:

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