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Sara Inés Lara featured as Heroine of Bird Conservation

Female heroes of bird conservation

We are proud to announce that Women for Conservation’s founder and President, Sara Inés Lara, has been honored with a chapter in the new book Female Heroes of Bird Conservation, by Rosemary Low. The book shines a spotlight on 30 female conservationists of the past and present, seeking to amplify the incredible stories of women in a field where their contributions have too often been erased.

In an overview of her book, Low writes:

“In Colombia, Sara Inés Lara was the first to realize that education for women and guidance on family matters, has a huge impact on the environment and on wildlife conservation. She set up the ground-breaking organization Women for Conservation, which supports women, especially those in difficult circumstances, as well as the avifauna of their localities.”

The book features inspiring stories, forgotten histories, and over one hundred vibrant photographs of birds and their protectors.  Low continues, 

“Her story and those of the other women featured in this book are truly remarkable. I felt compelled to tell them – compelled to write about the unsung female heroes of bird conservation who, for too long, had mostly  gone unnoticed under the radar. This led me to research women of the past whose names had mainly been forgotten, whose achievements, academic and in the field, seemed almost whitewashed from history. I wanted to revive their stories. They did amazing things at a time when women were expected to stay at home and raise families. But they rebelled – or they did both, which was even more extraordinary.”

To learn more about Sara Inés Lara and her work, please visit her linked in page at https://www.linkedin.com/in/sara-ines-lara

female heroes of bird conservation

Female Heroes of Bird Conservation is available in hardcover and paperback and can be purchased at https://www.rosemarylow.co.uk/female-heroes-of-bird-conservation