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Strategic Acquisition to Protect a Unique Magdalena Rainforest Wilderness

Proposed road exposes protected Magdalena Rainforest to illegal deforestation

Our urgent land purchase will protect this rainforest for the Endangered Northern Helmeted Curassow in the Pauxi Pauxi ProAves Reserve. Source Fundación ProAves.

Since 2007, the Pauxi Pauxi ProAves Reserve has successfully protected over 5,000 acres of lowland and foothill Magdalena Rainforest, home to the endangered Northern Helmeted Curassow and many other endangered and endemic species.  Recent threats of deforestation, however, are rapidly encroaching as road networks advance into the heart of this previously remote and protected wilderness.  For this reason, Women for Conservation is rushing to buy up two strategic properties titled the Cerro de la Paz (“Hill of Peace”) before the end of 2021, to block this proposed road and the illegal deforestation it is sure to bring.  



Deforestation accelerating around the Reserve

Indiscriminate logging and burning approaching the Pauxi Pauxi Reserve in early 2021.

While this reserve has been successfully protected since ProAves’ acquisition in 2007, the forest surrounding it has witnessed rapidly accelerating deforestation, exacerbated by the construction of a growing network of roads.   Using Global Forest Watch, our analysis of 11,000 acres contiguous with the reserve show that from 2001 to 2019, there has been a 12% decrease in forest cover. Worryingly, the vast majority of deforestation has occurred in the last four years driven by the expansion of beef cattle pastures. 


With deforestation accelerating during the pandemic, we fear that the Pauxi Pauxi reserve will suffer from  illegal deforestation if we do not take action to stop this rapid encroachment. Furthermore, ranchers are seeking to push an existing road to their properties and across the reserve which will almost certainly result in increased illegal deforestation and hunting. The sole solution to prevent the proposed road expansion is to acquire the properties at the head of the road and prevent any justification for road extension.  

Urgent action needed to save the Peace Hill Wilderness

Our goal is to secure two strategic properties currently straddled by the Pauxi Pauxi reserve, completely blocking further road expansions. Thereafter we will work to establish the Cerro de la Paz Regional Natural Park that will connect with the Pauxi pauxi reserve and extend protection to over 12,400 acres of remaining rainforests to the north and south along Cerro de la Paz.

We urgently seek to protect this area through the land acquisition of two properties that total 183 acres by raising USD $69,400 (cost per acre = $380 USD). These funds will allow us to purchase and register land titles in the National System of Protected Areas and start long-term robust conservation actions to save the “Peace Hill” rainforests.

We already have a partner matching donations up to $21,100.  

Even a small donation can help us save a lot of pristine forest.  With the help of our matching partner, your donation of:

$10 will buy a forest plot the size of a Tennis court.

$20 will buy a forest plot the size of a Basketball court.

$60 will buy a forest plot the size of an Olympic Swimming Pool.

$190 will buy a forest plot the size of half a Soccer Field.

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Thank you for joining us in our efforts to protect this forest – one of the last Magdalena Rainforest wilderness areas for many endangered species. 

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