Women for Conservation urgently seeks $3,500 to provide uniforms and bicycles to support our 6 women forest guards protecting Madagascar’s Giant Baobab.

In 2023, Women for Conservation and our partner in Madagascar is employing 6 women rangers to patrol and protect an 800 year-old forest of Baobab trees, known as Baobab Alley (Allée des Baobabs).

The threat
While Madagascar is home to incredible biodiversity (80% of its species can be found nowhere else in the world) it has also suffered from devastating deforestation which has destroyed all but 10% of the island’s precious primary forests. Baobab Alley’s ancient and endangered GiantBaobab trees represent an irreplaceable natural treasure which are now protected by these women rangers who patrol daily, significantly reducing vandalism and environmental destruction.

The Solution
Our women rangers are the frontline defenders, patrolling the Baobab Alley to shield it from harm. Reports show that ranger patrols have already significantly increased protection of Baobabs by deterring human-caused threats such as graffiti, bark stripping, and illegal fires. W4C’s support of their plant nursery has also dramatically improved the habitat for wildlife in the area, as tens of thousands of saplings have been planted with upwards of a 90% survival rate.

We’ve already made a difference by employing these rangers, and now we’re seeking your help to amplify their conservation impact. Women for Conservation is on a mission to triple the area covered by ranger patrols and ensure the long term conservation of Baobab Alley, by equipping our rangers with bicycles and uniforms.

The Urgent Need:
We are seeking to raise with your support $3,500, we can provide all 6 women with the tools they need to expand their patrols and significantly increase their protection of this ancient and endangered forest. With bicycles, they can patrol three times the area, intercept threats, transport water to Baobab seedlings, and engage with the community. Uniforms will symbolize their unity and commitment, amplifying their authority and impact.

When you invest in women rangers, you’re not only protecting Baobab Alley; you’re igniting a ripple effect of positive change. Your contribution will enable us to not only triple patrol coverage, and empower these forest guardians with uniforms which will increase their visible presence, but also provide resources to amplify and sustain conservation efforts for years to come. By supporting these frontline defenders of the Baobab trees, we can show appreciation for these women who patrol on foot for hours a day in the hot sun, confronting vandalizers and promoting reforestation efforts.

By donating to this cause, you’re securing a future where Baobab Alley is protected, where biodiversity flourishes, and where women stand as pillars of conservation. Join us in empowering these remarkable women rangers and preserving the legacy of Baobab Alley.

Women for Conservation urgently seeks $3,500 to support these 6 women conservation leaders in their mission to protect this irreplaceable forest.

Donate today to empower women protecting endangered Baobabs!

Menabe Region, Monrovia, Madagascar

Key Species:
GiantBaobab (EN)Habitat:
800 year-old Baobab forest

Primary Threats:
Illegal crop fires, vandalism, bark stripping, grafiti

Conservation Actions:
Daily Ranger Patrols, Native plant Nursery, Reforestation campaigns, Community education

Fanamby foundation

Fundraising Goal:


Your contribution has an exponential impact – safeguarding the past, shaping the present, and building a greener, more resilient future for all.

Women for Conservation’s Fanamby Women Rangers

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