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Family Planning Access For All

Fundraising Goal: $8,000 (2X MATCHED!) Location: Biodiversity hotspots across Colombia Donate Today! Project Overview:  Women for Conservation understands that healthy communities are better equipped to be stewards of the environment.  We partner with Profamilia and local women’s groups to facilitate free and accessible family planning education, resources, cancer screenings, and medical procedures for rural communities […]

Expanding Access to Vasectomies for 60 Men

Project Overview: While our family planning efforts are usually focused on providing women and girls with access to contraception, we have recently received significant interest from men in Carmen de Atrato who wish to receive vasectomies. Our first ever vasectomy campaign took place in February 2022, when we provided access to vasectomies to 5 men.  […]

Our holistic approach deeply impacts the lives of women and mothers, whose wellbeing has a ripple effect throughout the community. Support our cause today!