Women for Conservation

Women for Conservation Participates in WCN’s Wildlife Conservation Expo

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Representing Women for Conservation, Founder and Executive Director Sara Lara hosted a booth and met with visitors on Saturday, October 12, 2019, at the Fall Wildlife Conservation Expo that is held annually by Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) in San Francisco.

Each year, WCN gathers conservationists from around the world to exhibit and speak about their work that protects endangered wildlife globally. The expo offers a unique opportunity for supporters to unite, connect, network, and share stories about their experiences.

This particular event focused on a central theme of women’s involvement in international conservation efforts, bringing female leaders from remote corners of the world to speak about their experiences of saving species and wild landscapes. Their presentations demonstrated how empowering women through economic programs and sustainable livelihoods has helped to protect Okapi, Grevy’s Zebras, and many other endangered species.

Wildlife heroes like Jane Goodall attended the event, and speakers discussed the success of their conservation work protecting a multitude of species, both large and small – from the Snow Leopards of Asia to the Great Green Macaws of Latin America.

“It is inspirational to participate in such an important gathering and to hear so many incredible experiences from individuals and organizations dedicated to the field of conservation. Thank you to everyone who visited Women for Conservation and for their encouragement. It is only by working together that we can unite our voices and empower each other to save endangered species and their habitats,” said Lara.

The wildlife expo has been known to draw crowds of more than 1,200 conservation supporters. Women for Conservation appreciated the opportunity to participate in such an important event for its value in education and networking.