Women for Conservation is celebrating another family planning brigade success!

From January 26-28th, 2022, Women for Conservation and Profamilia were able to provide a total of 63 women with family planning medical procedures in the rural municipality of Carmen de Atrato, in the Chocó Rainforest.

Women for Conservation is proud to have empowered these 63 women with the right to choose when they want to get pregnant and how many children they want to have. We believe that access to family planning resources is a basic human right, and that all women should be given the option to plan their pregnancies in a way that will benefit the health, nutrition, and education of themselves and their families.

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In addition to benefiting these women and their families, providing family planning resources to this area also benefits the megadiverse ProAves Las Tángaras Nature Reserve, which borders the Carmen de Atrato Municipality. Giving women the option to prevent unwanted pregnancies reduces reliance on natural resources and helps break the cycles of poverty which often lead to illegal logging, poaching, and deforestation.

Our Partner organization, ProAves, established the Las Tángaras Nature Reserve in 2009 to protect 7,076 acres of what is considered one of the Chocó’s most important protected habitat corridors. This reserve is especially important for the protection of two key species of endemic and endangered birds: the Gold-ringed Tanger (Bangsia aureocincta) (EN) and the Black-and-Gold Tanager (Bangsia melanochlamys) (VU). Additionally, the reserve protects the watershed of the Atrato River basin (the most important river in Chocó), which serves as a vital economic resource for tens of thousands of inhabitants who live in the surrounding rural communities. Las Tangaras Reserve helps to consolidate a safety zone for the protection of biodiversity, against rapid and unsustainable development, and reinforces the protection of several threatened indigenous communities.

Thank you to all of our dedicated donors and partners who support our mission to empower women and give them control over their futures! We would especially like to thank the incredible support of our partner on the ground, Profamilia for making this important work possible.

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