Women Protecting
the Rainforest

Women for Conservation partners with grassroots women’s groups
around the globe to protect endangered wildlife and their habitats.

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One million species are at risk of extinction within this century. The UN has recognized women’s empowerment as essential to protecting the earth’s biodiversity.



Rural women suffer disproportionately from the effects of climate change and environmental degradation. Empowering women with eco-friendly opportunities directly benefits people and nature.



We empower women with environmentally sustainable economic, educational, and health resources which holistically benefit communities and critical biodiversity.


Caracol Radio Interview – International Women’s Day ft. co-founders Isabella and Sara

Bringing the Yellow-eared
parrot back from the
brink of extinction

Women for Conservation’s founder and president, Sara Inés Lara, tells the incredible story of saving a critically endangered species from extinction through community-led action and collaboration with women’s leadership. Saving the Yellow-Eared Parrot enabled Sara and our partner organization, ProAves, to establish a network of nature reserves in Colombia in close collaboration with local women leaders.

Family Planning that Empowers Women and Saves Species

Connecting the dots between family planning, conservation, and women’s empowerment. Women for Conservation was born from our commitment to empower…

Women for Conservation chosen for IUCN membership

Women for Conservation has officially been chosen as a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)!  The IUCN is the world’s oldest and largest environmental network, uniting more than 1,400 government and non-governmental organizations and more than 18,000 experts in over 170 countries.

“This membership is a dream come true! It will allow us to advocate for rural women disproportionately burdened by climate challenges, and bring the topic of voluntary family planning access to this global platform.  We cannot wait to start joining commissions and bringing Colombian women’s voices to the decision-making table.” 

– Isabella Cortes Lara

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Women’s Empowerment
through Family Planning

We focus our efforts on introducing family planning to communities in critical biodiversity areas, where preserving natural habitats and resources is key to saving unique species on the edge of extinction. We facilitate with women’s groups in key communities access to reproductive methods for family planning. In doing so, we seek to empower women and young women, increasing their future opportunities, while alleviating poverty and protecting natural resources.

Nature Conservation

We empower women and girls to lead in the field of conservation by providing them with environmental education, training, and resources to implement conservation projects.

We are directly involved in acquiring critical habitats and restoring ecosystems essential to endangered species survival.

Sustainable Livelihoods

Lacking economic opportunities, many rural communities turn to agriculture, cattle ranching, logging, and other activities that are detrimental to the environment and local biodiversity.

As an eco-friendly alternative, Women for Conservation trains women in sustainable livelihoods, such as working as nature guides for ecotourism, forest guards for nature reserves, and establishing artisanal micro-businesses.

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Our holistic approach deeply impacts the lives of women and mothers, whose wellbeing has a ripple effect throughout the community.
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