Women for Conservation


Women for Conservation empowers and partners with women around the globe to protect endangered wildlife and their habitats.

Saving a Rainforest from Destruction

We are thrilled to announce that we have raised the funds to protect a unique Magdalena Rainforest habitat from destruction! Along with our partner organization ProAves, we were able to acquire 183 acres of strategic land, which will block a proposed road from cutting through the heart of our Pauxi Pauxi Reserve. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, Women for Conservation has taken a major step in protecting a rainforest that has recently seen exponential growth in illegal deforestation.

Bringing the Yellow-eared parrot back from the brink of extinction

Women for Conservation's founder and president, Sara Inés Lara, tells the incredible story of saving a critically endangered species from extinction through community-led action and collaboration with women's leadership.  Saving the Yellow-Eared Parrot enabled Sara and our partner organization, ProAves, to establish a network of nature reserves in Colombia in close collaboration with local women leaders. 

Thanks to our partner Planet Women, the Women For Conservation team was able to witness an incredible water release from an airplane over the Colorado River.

The water volume of the Colorado River has decreased 20% in the past century due to climate change, and unfortunately it has suffered even more due to the 20-year megadrought across Colorado and the western US. The good news is that Conservationists have recently found that releasing less than 1% of the river’s traditional water flow can make a huge difference in bringing the Colorado River Delta back to life! The Colorado River delta is a critical stopover point for migratory birds traveling along the Pacific Flyway - which is an essential wetland route extending from the southern tip of Argentina to Alaska. The Colorado is an essential river for humans as well - providing water for seven U.S. states, including California, two Mexican states, and 30 Tribal Nations.
Thank you Light Hawk for and Planet Women for sharing this incredible conservation experience with our Women For Conservation team!

What we do

Women Empowerment through Family Planning

We focus our efforts on introducing family planning to communities in critical biodiversity areas, where preserving natural habitats and resources is key to saving unique species on the edge of extinction. We facilitate with women's groups in key communities access to reproductive methods for family planning. In doing so, we seek to empower women and young women, increasing their future opportunities, while alleviating poverty and protecting natural resources.

Sustainable Livelihoods

Lacking economic opportunities, many rural communities turn to agriculture, cattle ranching, logging, and other activities that are detrimental to the environment and local biodiversity. As an eco-friendly alternative, Women for Conservation trains women in sustainable livelihoods, such as working as nature guides for ecotourism and forest guards for nature reserves. Additionally, women learn trades that reduce demand for natural resources, like producing environmentally sustainable jewelry, coffee, and artisan crafts. These activities also serve to financially empower women, strengthen their independence, and improve the lives of their families.

Nature Conservation

We empower women and girls to lead in the field of conservation by providing them with environmental education, resources to implement projects, and access to a network of professional scientists and advisers.

Our fast and efficient approach to solving pressing issues in the field allows us to correct the course of destruction into conservation.

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