Caracol Radio Interview

From left to right: Sara Inés Lara and Isabella Cortes Lara co-founders of Women for Conservation and Martín Tapias, Director Caracol Radio Barranquilla

Caracol Radio Interview

For International Women’s Day, Caracol Radio, one of Colombia’s top radio networks, interviewed Executive Director Isabella Cortes Lara and co-founder Sara Inés Lara, two remarkable women leading the charge in environmental conservation. Martín Tapias, Director Caracol Radio Barranquilla, interviewed the mother-daughter team as they shared insights into their work and the importance of women’s leadership in protecting Colombia’s biodiversity. Click here to see a reel of the Caracol Radio Interview  and here to listen to the full interview on Youtube with English and Spanish subtitles. 

Isabella Cortes Lara, also known as Isabella Endémica, is not only a talented artist but also a dedicated conservationist. Isabella was recently featured for being a young environmental defender in Revista Miradas Edición 50. Alongside her mother and co-founder of Women for Conservation, Sara Inés Lara, who serves as the Director of ProAves, they are making significant strides in preserving endangered species across Colombia.

Community Conservation

ProAves operates in 12 departments of Colombia, safeguarding species on the brink of extinction through a network of 27 reserves. Isabella emphasized the pivotal role of women in conservation, highlighting their contributions to socioeconomic activities and community development.

Their collaborative efforts extend to various regions of Colombia, including the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Chocó, and the Amazon, where they engage in projects that empower women while promoting environmental education among all age groups.

Click here to read about our grassroots International Women’s Day Conference this year in Chocó, Colombia.

“It excites and moves me every day to continue working hand in hand with these beautiful, brave women who face complex situations, but who despite everything, they continue forward for their families, for their children, and for the environment. Because, unfortunately, we are all seeing that nature is screaming for us to help her. Protection and conservation must be a way of life, not a job assigned to conservation organizations or to the government.” – Sara Inés Lara, Director of ProAves

ISAVIBE Music Project

Isabella’s music project, ISAVIBE, blends ancestral sounds with modern urban music, incorporating elements of nature into her compositions as shown through her most recent song, La Peligrosa. She aims to raise awareness about biodiversity through her music, showcasing Colombia’s rich cultural heritage to a global audience.

Caracol Radio Interview

Album Cover of ISAVIBE’s Agüita de Páramo which references the Lynch’s Colombian Tree Frog (Critically Endangered), the Colombian Mountain Grackle (Endangered), and the Colombian oak, habitat of the Fuertes’ parrot (Endangered)

“This song is the first one, and there are others, very beautiful ones about jungles, about women, and the struggle that is very present in our territory. I’m truly inspired by these women, for example, in Chocó, where we organized an event with the piangüeras, the barequeras, the vicheras, and it’s something that needs to be represented worldwide. So, I proudly carry the Colombian flag wherever I go.” – Isabella Cortes Lara, Executive Director

Increasing Women’s Participation

Sara echoed the importance of women’s involvement in conservation, emphasizing the transformative impact they have on communities and ecosystems. By providing education and empowering women, ProAves has witnessed significant positive changes in attitudes towards nature and biodiversity.

Both women emphasized the urgent need for collective action in the face of climate change and environmental degradation. They emphasized that everyone, regardless of their background, can contribute to protecting nature and ensuring a sustainable future for all.

Isabella Cortes Lara and Sara Inés Lara exemplify the power of women’s leadership in conservation. Through their dedication, passion, and collaborative efforts, they are not only safeguarding Colombia’s biodiversity but also inspiring positive change worldwide. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we’d like to recognize women like Isabella and Sara and all our women partners who are making a difference in environmental conservation and shaping a more sustainable world for future generations.

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