Urgent Appeals

Help us to provide bicycles for Women Rangers for patrolling and transporting water for the seedlings in the tree nurseries of the majestic and Endangered Baobabs trees in Madagascar. Funding need $3,500

Women for Conservation urgently seeks $3,500 to provide uniforms and bicycles to support our 6 women forest guards protecting Madagascar’s Giant Baobab. In 2023, Women for Conservation and our partner in Madagascar is employing 6 women rangers to patrol and protect an 800 year-old forest of Baobab trees, known as Baobab Alley (Allée des Baobabs). […]

A destroyed wetland from mining extraction needs your Help. Women and girls want to bring life to a critical site for wildlife by removing invasive grass and planting native species. Funding need $20,000

Women for Conservation is excited to be empowering new women conservation leaders living near our ProAves Arrieitero Antiqueno Reserve. A group of over 30 women from the municipality of Anorí are organizing their first conservation project. Together, we have planned a grassroots campaign to restore a wetland that was drained and damaged by a former […]

Empower Women Rangers to Protect Amazon Rainforest

The World Needs Conservation. Conservation Needs WOMEN. Help us sponsor a woman forest ranger in Colombia! Women for Conservation believes that rural women are essential to conservation efforts and can lead the way in saving endangered wildlife from extinction. We have already trained multiple Colombian women forest rangers who have been recognized internationally by the […]

Family Planning Access For Rural Women. When you help a woman the entire family benefits, access to reproductive health should be available to all.

Women are speaking out and taking action more than 1,200 women received access to family planning and 400 women are waiting for you to make their dreams come through.  Help us to break stigmas and build strong and healthy families who care about our Pacha Mama.  Fundraising Goal: $8,000 (2X MATCHED!) Women from Biodiversity hotspots […]

Expanding Access to Vasectomies for 60 Men

Project Overview: While our family planning efforts are usually focused on providing women and girls with access to contraception, we have recently received significant interest from men in Carmen de Atrato who wish to have access to vasectomies. Our first ever vasectomy campaign took place in February 2022, when we provided access to vasectomies to […]

Our holistic approach deeply impacts the lives of women and mothers, whose wellbeing has a ripple effect throughout the community. Support our cause today!