Urgent Appeals

Family Planning for Rural Colombian Women

Women for Conservation facilitates mobile healthcare clinics in hard to reach communities living around biodiversity hotspots. In 2024, help us provide over 300 women in rural Colombian communities with comprehensive reproductive healthcare and voluntary family planning resources. This initiative empowers women to plan their futures, stay in school, pursue conservation careers, and actively engage in […]

Saving Amazon River Dolphins & Preventing Zoonotic Disease: Women in Science

Join us in supporting Scientist Luisa Gabriela Diaz as she leads groundbreaking research on WHO priority antimicrobial-resistant pathogens in the waters inhabited by Endangered Pink Amazon River Dolphins and Giant Amazon River Otters. Your contribution will fuel an extensive study around El Jaguar Nature Reserve, addressing the urgent intersection of wildlife conservation and human health. […]

Women in Science: Saving Amazon River Turtles

Fighting threats of poaching, egg harvesting, and habitat loss, our project, led by Herpetologist Lizzeth Viviana Pinilla Ortigoza, aims to safeguard the endangered Yellow Spotted River Turtle. Through habitat analysis and community engagement, we’re securing the future of this critical species. The Challenge: The Yellow Spotted River Turtle faces severe threats, including poaching and habitat […]

Planting Trees & Gender Equality: Sierra Leone

Help us train 100 more women in reforestation and plant 3,000 fruit trees in Sierra Leone. This year, we’re also providing access to family planning education and resources to further empower women and girls in the Waterloo community. Your donation will help create a sustainable future for Sierra Leone and protect its rich biodiversity. The […]

Support Women Rangers Protecting Madagascar’s Giant Baobab

Women for Conservation urgently seeks $4,000 in 2024 to support 6 women forest guards protecting Madagascar’s Giant Baobab. Conservation Win: In 2023, Women for Conservation partnered with Fanamby in Madagascar to employ 6 women rangers to patrol and protect an 800 year-old forest of Baobab trees, known as Baobab Alley (Allée des Baobabs). Donors like […]

Support Women Protecting Andean Spectacled Bears in Bolivia

Women for Conservation’s partnership with the Jucumari Program promotes the conservation of Threatened Spectacled Bears in Bolivia. Focused on community-based sustainable weaving initiatives in Cochabamba, Bolivia, it addresses human-wildlife conflict (HWC) and fosters positive change. The Challenge: Human-wildlife conflict poses a direct threat to Spectacled Andean Bears in Cochabamba, where bears roam freely, leading to […]

Colombian Girl’s Education Fund: Transforming Lives Through Scholarships

Women for Conservation urgently seeks $3,000 to support girl’s education, providing 20 girls in need with scholarships that will allow them to attend school.  Project Summary: In rural Colombian rainforest communities, girls face significant barriers to education. Limited resources and cultural norms often result in their exclusion from schooling. A modest scholarship of $150 can […]

Saving a Critical Wetland for Endangered Frogs

Restore a Wetland for Endangered Wildlife Project Summary: Support a group of 30 women in Anori, Northern Colombia, as they restore a wetland for endangered wildlife vital for endemic frogs and bird species living our ProAves Arrieitero Antiqueno Reserve.  Invasive grasses have taken over due to past mining. Women will lead native plant restoration, fighting […]

Empower A Woman Forest Ranger Protecting Amazon Rainforest

The World Needs Conservation. Conservation Needs WOMEN.   Project Summary Support women’s empowerment and wildlife conservation by sponsoring a woman forest ranger in Colombia! Partnering with ProAves, we train and employ rural women as forest guards in critical biodiversity hotspots. With your help, we aim to raise $9,500 to cover training, gear, and one year’s […]

Expanding Access to Vasectomies for 60 Men

Project Overview: While our family planning efforts are usually focused on providing women and girls with access to contraception, we have recently received significant interest from men in Carmen de Atrato who wish to have access to vasectomies. Our first ever vasectomy campaign took place in February 2022, when we provided access to vasectomies to […]

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