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Women for Conservation urgently seeks $3,000 to support girl’s education, providing 20 girls in need with scholarships that will allow them to attend school. 

Project Summary:

In rural Colombian rainforest communities, girls face significant barriers to education. Limited resources and cultural norms often result in their exclusion from schooling. A modest scholarship of $150 can cover a girl’s education for an entire year, breaking the cycle of poverty and enhancing community well-being.

The Challenge: 
Rural rainforest communities in Colombia face a persistent challenge: limited access to education for girls. Cultural norms prioritize boys’ education, and families struggle to afford school fees for multiple children. This situation perpetuates a cycle of limited opportunities and reinforces gender disparities.

The Solution:
This project aims to provide scholarships of $150 each to enable 20 Colombian girls to attend school for an entire year. By alleviating the financial burden, we empower these girls to pursue education, opening doors to a brighter future. This initiative directly addresses the barriers that have historically kept girls out of the classroom. Women for Conservation has been deeply involved in our partner communities for years, and will ensure the scholarships go to the families that need it most.

Potential Long-term Impact:

The impact of girl’s education extends far beyond the classroom. It breaks the cycle of poverty, setting a foundation for self-sufficiency and community well-being. These educated young women are more likely to engage in sustainable practices, contributing to environmental resilience. Ultimately, this project creates a ripple effect of positive change, benefiting not only the girls but the entire community and ecosystem.

Donate today to empower 20 girls with scholarships so they can attend high school!

girl's education

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