What we do

Women for Conservation empowers and partners with women around the globe
to protect endangered wildlife and their habitats.

Family Planning

We focus our efforts on introducing family planning to communities
in critical biodiversity hotspots, where preserving natural habitats and resources is key
to saving unique species on the brink of extinction.

We partner with grassroots women’s groups in key communities to facilitate access to reproductive healthcare and family planning. We seek to empower women and young girls by encouraging future opportunities for success, while alleviating cycles of poverty and reducing stress on natural resources.

One of the greatest threats to biodiversity is the burgeoning human population, which places unsustainable demands on natural resources. During the past century alone, the human population has soared – more than 8 billion people currently inhabit the planet. In striking contrast, there were fewer than one billion people for 10,000+ years prior to the 1800s. This extraordinary growth, paired with modern tendencies of over-consumption, has placed the future of our planet at great peril. Fortunately, improving equitable access to contraception can prevent unwanted pregnancies and curb unsustainable population growth.

A key solution to this dilemma is empowering women with free access to voluntary family planning, a reproductive justice resource that is crucial to both conservation and the overall community well-being. Public health studies reveal that when communities are given voluntary access to birth control and contraceptives, children are better nourished and educated, mothers are healthier, and family wealth increases.

Despite these important benefits, many women in rural communities around the world lack access to these vital resources. An essential initiative of Women For Conservation is to provide these communities with basic medical services, including access to family planning methods, cancer screenings, and healthcare education.

We advocate for women’s reproductive justice and right to have access to family planning, regardless of their economic situation.

Our holistic approach deeply impacts the lives of women and mothers, whose wellbeing has a ripple effect throughout the community. Support our cause today.