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The World Needs Conservation. Conservation Needs WOMEN.


Project Summary

Support women’s empowerment and wildlife conservation by sponsoring a woman forest ranger in Colombia! Partnering with ProAves, we train and employ rural women as forest guards in critical biodiversity hotspots. With your help, we aim to raise $9,500 to cover training, gear, and one year’s salary for a new female forest guard. Join us in making a lasting impact on both endangered wildlife and gender equality in conservation.

The Challenge

Rural communities near biodiversity hotspots face challenges of wildlife extinction and gender inequality. Women are often underrepresented in conservation leadership roles, while biodiversity-rich regions demand effective protection to prevent species loss. With limited resources and opportunities, empowering women to become forest rangers not only benefits wildlife but also addresses gender disparities.

The Solution

Our project trains and employs female forest rangers to protect endangered and endemic wildlife in Colombia’s biodiversity-rich nature reserves managed by ProAves. By equipping women with necessary skills and gear, we enable them to safeguard these critical ecosystems. Empowering women as guardians of nature has dual benefits: strengthening wildlife conservation efforts and promoting gender equality in conservation leadership.

We need your support!
Women for Conservation is seeking to raise $9,500, to cover the salary, gear, and training cost to empower a new woman forest ranger for an entire year.

By sponsoring a woman forest ranger, you contribute to a lasting impact on both local communities and the environment. Empowered women serve as role models, challenging traditional gender roles and inspiring future generations to engage in conservation. Their protection of critical biodiversity areas is crucial for preserving endangered species and maintaining healthy ecosystems. Your support not only directly benefits wildlife but also fosters sustainable conservation practices and gender equality.

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We have already trained multiple Colombian women forest rangers who have even been recognized internationally by the IUCN for their incredible work protecting endangered biodiversity.

By working with rural communities near biodiversity hotspots in the tropics, we can maximize our impacts fighting against wildlife extinction. We prioritize our sites using the IUCN Red List and work in some of the most critical key biodiversity areas in the world.

Your contribution will make a difference in protecting wildlife and promoting gender equality in conservation leadership. Join us in supporting women in conservation today!

Goal: $9,500 to pay for the training, gear, and salary for a new female forest guard for 1 year.

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Women Forest Ranger

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