The World Needs Conservation. Conservation Needs WOMEN.

Help us sponsor a woman forest ranger in Colombia! Women for Conservation believes that rural women are essential to conservation efforts and can lead the way in saving endangered wildlife from extinction.

We have already trained multiple Colombian women forest rangers who have been recognized internationally by the IUCN for their incredible work protecting endangered biodiversity. Our sister NGO, ProAves, manages 27 nature reserves for endangered and endemic wildlife across Colombia – a country that is home to an incredible 10% of the earth’s biodiversity. By partnering with ProAves, Women for Conservation is able to connect passionate wildlife women to job opportunities protecting Praves Wildlife Reserves.

By working with rural communities near biodiversity hotspots in the tropics, we can maximize impacts fighting wildlife extinction. We prioritize our sites using the IUCN Red List and work in some of the most critical key biodiversity areas in the world.

With your help, we can reach our goal of raising $7,000 to pay for the training, gear, and salary for a new female forest guard for one year. Your contribution will make a difference in protecting wildlife and promoting gender equality in conservation leadership. Join us in supporting women in conservation today!

Goal: $7,000 to pay for the training, gear, and salary for a new female forest guard for 1 year.

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