Women for Conservation is excited to be empowering new women conservation leaders living near our ProAves Arrieitero Antiqueno Reserve. A group of over 30 women from the municipality of Anorí are organizing their first conservation project. Together, we have planned a grassroots campaign to restore a wetland that was drained and damaged by a former mining operation before we established our ProAves Arrierito Antioqueño Reserve in 2006.

Conserving endemic and critically endangered Species

This reserve protects one of the last known habitats of the endemic and critically endangered Chestnut capped Piha, among several other threatened migratory and endemic birds. The reserve is also critical for protecting amphibians, containing 7 threatened species, 4 of which are endangered with extinction, and a few of which may be new species to science.

Together, we are organizing to bring water back to this drained lake, and begin a multi-year process of restoring native species through their own native plant nursery. This wetland restoration project will empower new women conservation leaders, while expanding crucial habitat for dozens of endangered and endemic species to thrive.

Fundraising Goal: $23,500

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