Accessible Family Planning

Women for Conservation facilitates mobile healthcare clinics in hard to reach communities living around biodiversity hotspots. In 2024, help us provide over 300 women in rural Colombian communities with comprehensive reproductive healthcare and voluntary family planning resources. This initiative empowers women to plan their futures, stay in school, pursue conservation careers, and actively engage in grassroots efforts. 

Women for Conservation understands that healthy communities are better equipped to be stewards of the environment. We partner with Profamilia and local women’s groups to facilitate free and accessible family planning education, resources, cancer screenings, and medical procedures for rural communities living near reserves for endangered wildlife.

The Challenge:
Rural communities in Colombia lack accessible reproductive healthcare and family planning resources. This gap not only hinders personal growth but also puts additional strain on already scarce natural resources. Women are often unable to fully engage in education, conservation, and community initiatives due to limited access to these essential services.

The Solution:
Women for Conservation partners with Profamilia and local women’s groups to provide free and accessible family planning education, resources, cancer screenings, and medical procedures. This program empowers women to take control of their reproductive health, enabling them to make informed decisions about their futures. By breaking down these barriers, we’re creating a pathway for women to actively participate in conservation and community development.

The Long-term Impact:
Empowering women with access to reproductive healthcare has far-reaching benefits. It leads to lower birth rates, breaking cycles of poverty and reducing pressure on natural resources. Additionally, it allows more women to participate in conservation workshops, receive sustainable livelihood training, and protect fragile ecosystems. This initiative is a catalyst for building resilient communities and fostering long-term environmental stewardship.

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Empowering women with access to basic family planning resources is one of the best ways we can help rural communities thrive, improve local environmental engagement, and invest in biodiversity conservation for generations to come.  Help us support healthy communities for a healthy planet!

Accessible Family Planning


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