Women are speaking out and taking action more than 1,200 women received access to family planning and 400 women are waiting for you to make their dreams come through.  Help us to break stigmas and build strong and healthy families who care about our Pacha Mama.  Fundraising Goal: $8,000 (2X MATCHED!)

Women from Biodiversity hotspots across Colombia will forever thank you!

Project Overview:

Women for Conservation understands that healthy communities are better equipped to be stewards of the environment. We partner with Profamilia and local women’s groups to facilitate free and accessible family planning education, resources, cancer screenings, and medical procedures for rural communities living near reserves for endangered wildlife.

This program benefits community health while also allowing more women to attend our conservation workshops, receive sustainable livelihood training, and protect the fragile ecosystems that rural people and endangered wildlife call home. Additionally, evidence shows that when women are empowered with reproductive healthcare, there is a natural drop in birth rates which breaks cycles of poverty and lessens stress on scarce natural resources.

Empowering women with access to basic family planning resources is one of the best ways we can help rural communities thrive, improve local environmental engagement, and invest in biodiversity conservation for generations to come.  Help us support healthy communities for a healthy planet!

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This is why we decided to include family planning as a pillar of our work, thank you for your support:

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