Project Overview:

Women for Conservation is excited to announce our first women-led conservation partnership with Fanamby Organization in Madagascar! Our incredible supporters helped W4C raise $3,600 to fully fund this project to support 6 new women forest rangers, who help to protect and restore degraded land for the benefit of both wildlife and rural communities.

Madagascar is the fifth largest island in the world and is categorized as a mega-diverse country, located in southeastern Africa. Over 80% of the plant and animal species in Madagascar can be found nowhere else on Earth.

Women for Conservation is partnering with the Fanamby Organization to create jobs for 6 women forest rangers who will work to patrol and protect the last trees in a forest of 800 year old Baobabs, known as Baobab Alley (Allée des Baobabs).

Women for Conservation depends on grassroots donations to empower women to become conservation leaders in biodiversity hotspots. We are incredibly thankful to our dedicated supporters which make conservation successes like this possible!

Women Forest Rangers

Meet our 6 Women Forest Rangers Protecting Endangered Baobabs >>>

Threats to the Baobabs:

Baobab Alley, or Allée des Baobabs, located in western Madagascar, is made up of Grandidier’s Baobob trees, Adansonia grandidieri, known as Renala, and the Adansonia rubrostipa, known as Fony. It is one of the most visited regions in Madagascar, and was granted temporary protected status in 2007 by the Ministry of the Environment, Water, and Forestry. In 2015, it was established as a natural monument that needs to be conserved.

Did you know these 21 majestic Baobabs average 30m (98ft) in height and are around 800 years old?

Despite the incredible biodiversity value of the island, only 10% of primary forests remain, and these ancient Baobab trees in particular are threatened by deforestation, pollution, encroaching paddy fields, brush fires, and extractive tourism.

Celebrating Success

Our new partnership with Fanamby will create jobs for 6 women rangers to patrol and protect the area, while also enabling the establishment of a permanent tree nursery which will allow locals and tourists to participate in a reforestation campaign while bringing eco-friendly income into the community. Just $3,600 USD can fund the six salaries of approximately $12 million Malagasy Ariary, enabling the women rangers to protect, preserve, and care for Madagascar’s beloved Baobab trees.

History of Fanamby’s Reforestation:

Fanamby Organization, led by Soary Randrianjafizanaka, has already led six successful reforestation campaigns from 2018 to 2023.

2018: Restored 2 hectares of 410 young plants with a success rate of 16%
2019: Restored 15.2 hectares with 19,200 young plants with a success rate of 15.63%
2020: Restored 12 hectares with 12,200 young plants with a success rate of 16%

2021: Restored 18 hectares with 18,000 young plants and a success rate of 84.41% This success rate is directly due to the women ranger’s patrol committee.

2022: Restored 20 hectares with 10,755 plants.

2023: Due to W4C’s support, Fanamby’s rangers restored 20 hectares with 19,000 young plants with a success rate of 95%

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