This year for International Women’s Rights Day, women artisans, piangueras (shellfish collectors), vicheras (Afro-Colombian Viche distillers), barequeras (artisanal gold miners), green business managers, and tourism operators from the municipalities of Medio Atrato, Nuquí, Bahía Solano, Tadó, Condoto, and El Carmen de Atrato in the department of Chocó commemorated their strength, resilience, and contributions to nature conservation.

The gathering highlights the significant role of women in community development, leadership, and biodiversity conservation in their territories. During this event, rural women had the opportunity to visit the ProAves Las Tángaras Reserve, an area dedicated to the conservation of birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and other important species of biodiversity. Recently, the Autonomous Regional Corporation for Sustainable Development of Chocó, CODECHOCÓ, declared the Reserve as a Regional Natural Park, a commitment from which efforts will continue to conserve this important biodiversity hotspot in Colombia in perpetuity.

It was an honor for ProAves and Women for Conservation to collaborate with CODECHOCÓ to commemorate International Women’s Rights Day and to honor the work of women leaders from various sectors of Chocó–  women who inspire their communities daily and serve as examples of leadership and inspiration for the younger generations.

These celebrations help highlight the importance of investing in rural women, who are more affected by limited access to resources such as technology, education, well-being, and financial empowerment, and who often suffer in silence.

“With this wonderful gathering, we celebrate the strength of women, their achievements, and contributions to nature conservation. Learning about the stories of these female leaders allows us to strengthen the bonds among women and continue working from our organizations on strategies that provide other opportunities.” – Sara Inés Lara, Executive Director of ProAves

ProAves and Women for Conservation will continue to create spaces to promote women’s leadership, as they are key players in conservation in Colombia. Click here to read about our other initiatives providing free access to family planning in the Chocó Region. 

“We feel honored to welcome the women of Chocó to the ProAves Las Tángaras Reserve. This space has been essential to recognize the important role of women in their communities and the conservation of our biodiversity.” – Isabella Cortés, Executive Director of Women for Conservation

We want to give a special thanks to CODECHOCÓ for their support and management in facilitating the participation of women leaders who joined this gathering for the empowerment of women and nature conservation. We also want to thank ProAves for their commitment to protecting Colombia’s natural resources and endemic and endangered species.

Left to right: Arnold Alexander Rincon Lopez, General Director of CODECHOCÓ; Juana Evangelista Moreno, Rural Women Representative; Isabella Cortés, Executive Director of Women for Conservation; Ahysen Arboleda Montañez, Environmental Manager of CODECHOCÓ; Sara Inés Lara, Executive Director of ProAves.

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