Women for Conservation is absolutely honored to have been chosen as an ongoing partner of Melbourne Florida’s Brevard Zoo.

April 8, 2022

In only the first quarter of 2022, we have already blown past previous annual impact records, demonstrating the rapid growth of our programs in the field. This incredible 3+ year partnership will provide a large amount of sustained funding, allowing us to expand our programs, hire more staff to deliver workshops, and positively impact more people than ever before. The partnership also involves mentorship and support from Brevard Zoo staff, which will be an additional benefit for Women for Conservation’s growing team.

Ashley Rearden, the zoo’s conservation curator explains how Women for Conservation was selected for this partnership.

“Our goal was to find organizations who are doing big things, but need help and resources. After meeting Women for Conservation’s founder, Sara Lara, we immediately felt that they were a perfect fit.”

Women for Conservation is honored to partner with a non-profit organization which not only invests in wildlife conservation through local educational and volunteer programs, but is also doing the work to save species from extinction internationally by supporting our workshops. Brevard Zoo is the only zoo in Florida that has received the Gold Level Certification from the Society for Ethical Ecotourism, and is the largest organization to hold this prestigious award.

Women for Conservation’s team was invited to visit the zoo in early April 2022 to further collaborate with Brevard’s incredible staff and exchange collaborative ideas for future animal conservation projects. During the visit, our staff had the opportunity to deliver public presentations of our work, network with Brevard staff departments, and create connections that will be mutually beneficial for both organizations, as well as endangered animal species, for many years to come. Women for Conservation is incredibly grateful for this opportunity and looks forward to keeping supporters updated on how this monumental partnership develops.

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