Women for Conservation is proud to be featured in a new article on the positive environmental impact of empowering and educating girls by UC Berkeley Professor Matthew Parker.

Read the full article “Educating Girls: An Earth-Saving Enterprise” on Vox Populisphere. >>> 

This article highlights the importance of girls’ education in promoting sustainable development and protecting the environment. Parker discusses the positive impact of girl’s education on reducing unsustainable population growth, promoting gender equality, and improving health and economic outcomes. He also notes that educated women are more likely to be environmentally aware and engaged in conservation efforts.

Women for Conservation (W4C) is featured in the article as a shining example of the power of women’s empowerment and educating girls in conservation work. Parker connects W4C’s focus on empowering girls and women with our conservation successes.

Case in point is Ninfa Carianil, a ranger of Águila Harpía ProAves, one of the last untouched rainforests in the Colombian Amazon. According to IUCN.org, “Ninfa… patrolled and protected the rainforest… [and] built strong links and relationships with the local community, earning their trust and encouraging their interest in its wildlife and conservation.

In an email dated August 2021, Lara elaborated: “Our dream is to see more women like Ninfa empowered and allowed to flourish…. Isabella and I saw in Ninfa a great potential to be a protector of nature.” It goes without saying that Ninfa’s work would be impossible if she were saddled with too many children.

Women for Conservation is grateful that more people are becoming aware of the incredible conservation potential of supporting women’s empowerment.  We are dedicated to raising awareness about educating girls as a leading climate mitigation solution that also strengthens community climate resilience for communities and people facing the worst effects of climate change disaster.

We are thankful to the supportive community that makes our work possible and look forward to helping this positive movement grow.

To learn more about how W4C uses community engagement to build climate resilience and fight climate change, check out this article >>>

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