Saving Colombian Rainforests

Date: June 28th, 2023
Women for Conservation celebrated World Rainforest Day 2023 by presenting for our global partner, Population Connection about W4C’s grassroots projects empowering rural women saving Colombian rainforests and endangered wildlife.

In this presentation, we delved into Women for Conservation’s community-based programs in conservation training, sustainable livelihoods, and family planning— all aimed at empowering rural women to become guardians of nature and protect critical biodiversity for generations.

About the Presenters:
For the presentation, we were joined by W4C’s Vice President & Conservation Director Isabella Cortes and Emily Knudson, Director of Outreach & Philanthropy, to learn more about the organization’s work Saving Colombian Rainforests. Together, they taught us about the country’s magnificent biodiversity and offered insights into their on-the-ground initiatives. In addition, they shed light on how Women for Conservation’s partnership with Population Connection supports programs that help to deliver accessible reproductive healthcare to rural communities residing in biodiversity hotspots. Their essential programs help young girls complete their education, pursue careers in conservation, and ultimately chase their dreams.


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