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Vasectomy Campaign, Colombia men's Family Planning, reproductive healthcare

W4C’s Latest Vasectomy Campaign Shatters Stigmas to Set New Records

Women for Conservation’s latest vasectomy campaign on September 2nd provided 24 men with reproductive healthcare in the rural community of Carmen de Atrato. Families in this remote town lack access to adequate health clinics, and must travel 4 hours by bus to the city of Medellin to receive contraceptive procedures.

Previously, low-income individuals in Carmen de Atrato could not afford the journey or the two-night stay in the city needed to complete the procedure. Women for Conservation makes vasectomies accessible by providing transportation, food, accommodation and postoperative care. The cost of the medical procedure itself is covered entirely by our partner ProFamilia, an internationally recognized reproductive rights and sexual health organization in Colombia. Through organizing with Profamilia and covering all additional costs, Women for Conservation makes these family planning procedures accessible to all families, regardless of economic status.

Vasectomies allow men to share the responsibility of preventing unplanned pregnancies. This allows parents to plan families in ways that can maximize mother and child health, nutrition, educational outcomes, and overall well being.

Vasectomy Campaign, Colombia men's Family Planning, reproductive healthcare

We offer access to vasectomies as an act of love for women and the environment, as it lifts the burden of preventing unplanned pregnancies off of women’s shoulders, while also resulting in reduced natural resource dependence. Many of the men involved already have children, and this easy sterilization procedure allows them to focus their attention and resources on ensuring success for their children.

Our first ever vasectomy campaign took place in February 2022, when we provided access to vasectomies for 5 men. The campaign was such a positive experience for the families involved that there were soon over 30 more men requesting access to the procedure. As more people see men in their community undergo these safe and effective procedures, the more that demand continues to grow.

Women For Conservation is grateful to these men who are trail-blazers in their community, and who are doing their part to promote Women’s Equality and Sustainable Development. If you would like to support our family planning work please consider donating by clicking here >>>
Learn more about this vasectomy campaign on youtube >>>

Vasectomy Campaign, Colombia men's Family Planning, reproductive healthcare

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