26 August, 2022

Women from the towns surrounding Minca, including La Tagua, Tigrera, and Vista Nieves, gathered for an educational day to raise awareness about gender violence.  The event was organized by multiple government bodies, including the Mayor’s Office of Santa Marta, the Attorney General’s Office, the Metropolitan Police, and the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, in partnership with Women for Conservation and ProAves, among other organizations.  

Mayor Virna Johnson presented information about government programs and resources from the Regional Secretary of Women and Gender Equity, meant to better women’s access to social services, healthcare, and wellbeing.  


During the event, attendees received guidance on violence prevention, as well as information on reporting and addressing violence against women. The event also promoted women’s economic empowerment, as women from rural areas exhibited artisanal eco-friendly products for sale.  

Carlina Sanchez, the Mayoral Secretary for Women, expressed her concern about the situations affecting women in the municipality. “Today, women in our region are suffering from domestic and gender violence, abuse, and harassment. One of Mayor Virna Johnson’s main commitments is to make Santa Marta a territory free of violence.  That is why we are doing these educational workshops – to educate about warning signs, preventative actions and how to report and address instances of violence” she said.


The representatives recognized the women-owned micro-businesses as expressions of creativity, talent, potential and skills of women in the rural sector. “The District Mayor’s Office is committed to supporting women’s economic opportunities and giving them tools for dignified and autonomous work,” said Carlina Sanchez. 

These domestic violence prevention workshops are taking place around the region, with the aim of raising awareness about the effects of violence in families and providing citizens with the tools to combat it.  


This article was originally published in Spanish on the Santa Marta Government.  All photos are property of the Santa Marta Government.  Click here to read the original article in Spanish:  https://www.santamarta.gov.co/sala-prensa/noticias/mujeres-de-la-zona-rural-de-minca-participaron-en-jornada-pedagogica-de-la

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