Celebrating World Vasectomy Day

Earlier this week, global population hit 8 billion. Human population growth is projected to continue growing exponentially over the coming decades – threatening the existence of earth’s incredible ecosystems and the hundreds of thousands of species with whom we share the planet.

The fist step to curbing unsustainable population growth is ensuring that all people have access to comprehensive voluntary family planning, regardless of economic status. Women for Conservation is dedicated to providing ALL people with access to this reproductive justice human right, while additionally providing resources and training for them to protect endangered habitat and wildlife.We are excited to share our newest video report with you, regarding our latest family planning campaign to provide men with access to vasectomies as an act of love for women and the environment.

World Vasectomy Day

Women for Conservation is incredibly proud to have provided over 800 families with elective family planning proceduressince the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to prevent unintended pregnancy and empower families to choose the size of their families.What makes our work unique is that we also provide these families living on the buffer zones of critical wildlife habitat with resources and training to become conservation leaders and protect species on the brink of extinction.

Our mission to provide accessible family planning to all would not be possible without generous donations from our partners and supporters. We hope you will consider making a 2X match today to help us extend these critical reproductive health resources to even more men in honor of World Vasectomy Day. We cannot thank you enough for supporting us and helping us achieve these incredible successes!

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