Seven-year-old Josser is a forest guard’s son living in ProAves El Paujil Reserve, which protects one of the last remaining habitats of the Blue-billed curassow (CR) and the Brown Spider Monkey (CR).

Josser dreams of having an environmental educator in his local school, so that all his classmates stop harming birds with their slingshots and can become as passionate about saving wildlife as he is.

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Goal: $3,000 to fund an environmental education program in Josser’s School for 1 year

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Josser loves to learn about the birds of his home in the ProAves El Paujil Reserve. At 7 years old, her can already identify 23 species of birds in the Spanish, English, and scientific names!

Josser’s favorite thing to do is learn about the wildlife of the El Paujil Reserve.

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